Ways to Make Money


  • Creating your own team

  • Promotion of products

  • Selling your own products

  • Bringing New Sellers

  • Earnings by Promoting Auctions


  1. Creating a team brings a stable, long-term financial benefit. Profit is up to 12 levels in depth, and membership is free. Bringing at least five people ready to work, and involving new members, may be enough for a stable monthly income.
  2. Promotion of Tripleclicks products by the seller makes a commission for each product you have promised.
  3. Sell your own products - advertise and sell your products. The members of the company have an interest in buying from you because they are building a status in the company.
  4. The seller you bring is lifelong - you have a lifetime of commission from any product you sell.
  5. Earning by auction bidding - these auctions are very popular because they can buy brand new products at extremely low prices. By promoting aukcuia, you, as an SFI member, have additional earnings.